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Q: How many treatments will it take?

I have seen a woman who conceived after only one-month treatment, and in some cases it took eight to ten months to correct all the underlying disharmonies. However, in my experience, it takes minimum of 3 months for women who take herbal decoctions and a little longer for those who take powder or pill forms. Herbal decoctions are much stronger and work faster even though these are not the patients' favorite pasttime. 

Q: What is the frequency of acupuncture treatment?

It could be once a week or twice a week depending on the severity of your condition, response of your body to the acupuncture treatment, and specific time of your cycle. I will decide as we closely monitor changes in your system. 

Q: How long is an acupuncture treatment?

The initial visit will take about one and half-hour. Subsequent visits should take less than an hour. 

Q: How do the Chinese herbs help with fertility?

Chinese herbs are designed to help the body produce the proper levels of hormones on its own. Many of the ingredients in Chinese herbal formulas may have little hormonal effects, but the effect of the whole formula substantially increases hormone levels. Herbs contain natural energetic substances that correct the underlying problems. The synergy of these substances produces their potent effects. The active ingredients are buffered by the whole plant and blended with other herbs, reducing their side effects. This is why I prescribe you an herbal formula instead of a single herb to improve your condition. 

Q: Why are your programs three-months long?

For an egg to grow from a follicle in its resting state into a full-blown egg ready to be released takes up to 150 days. Follicles are selected from the pool of resting follicles almost a year before ovulation. Over the course of 5 months, the follicle has quadrupled in size and has gone through many stages of proliferation. Therefore, it is ideal to receive TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) treatments for five to six months. However, I am giving you a chance to review the progress after the first three months. If you (or I) think you are ready to try to conceive, itĄŻs ok. If we decided you need more treatments, you can do another three months or month-to-month. 

Q: If I plan to try IVF or IUI, when do I need to start your program?

Before you try any ART procedure, you have to make sure the quality of eggs your ovary produce is healthy. For an egg to grow from a follicle in its resting state into a full-blown egg ready to be released takes up to 150 days. I expect my patients begin their treatment at least three month prior to any ART cycle. 

If you have used ART for more than one cycle, itĄŻs vital that you understand the effects of hormonal manipulation on a womanĄŻs reproductive health. Drugs that compel the ovaries to produce more eggs have a long-term energetic effect of depleting the Essence of the Kidney. It is therefore wise to give your body a break between hormonal cycles to recover the Kidney Essence. 

Q: Do I need to have acupuncture treatments during IVF?

Since many infertility physicians do not allow use of herbs during the ART cycle, it is solely patientsĄŻ decision and responsibility if they want to keep utilizing acupuncture, herbs, or both during their ART cycle. If you had a successful TCM pre-IVF treatments and I decided your body is ready for the ART, you may be fine without any TCM treatments during your ART. However, if you did not have enough time (minimum of three months) to address the underlying problems, or if I decided your body is not ready, then it becomes your decision. Remember I said minimum of three month. That means many patients need more time than just three months to make their body ready for pregnancy. 

Q: My husband has problems with his sperm. When does he need to start your program?

The process of sperm maturation averages 70-90 days. Therefore, it is beneficial that the male receive acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine for at least three months before trying to make his partner conceive or trying any ART procedures. 

Q: Am I to be concerned about my irregular menstrual cycle?

Western medicine does not pay much attention to abnormalities of menstrual cycle. In Western medicine, the main factor for the pregnancy is your age. However, in TCM, the key to natural conception is a healthy, normal monthly cycle. Therefore, it is crucial to address/resolve your menstrual problems to be able to conceive naturally or with help of ART. 

Q: What is the success rate of your clinic?

According to my experience, the success rate was the highest in Korea and then China. The success rate in the U.S. was the lowest among those three countries. The reasons are:

  • Patients always take herbal decoction instead of herbal powder or pills in Korea. Herbal decoctions are much stronger in the potency and work faster.
  • The use of TCM for infertility is common in the Asian countries. By the time patients come to see me, they have already heard of or talked to other women who had conceived with help of TCM. Therefore, they have more confidence in TCM and follow through the program. Most of time, it takes minimum 3 months up to a year to restore womenĄŻs reproductive system healthy enough to conceive. I found it difficult for many patients here to continue their treatment longer than three months.

Currently, our success rate is around 60% for female infertility and 95% for male infertility. 

Q: Will my insurance cover acupuncture?

Unfortunately, most insurance companies do not cover for infertility treatments. Some companies offer flexible spending accounts, which can be used for acupuncture treatments. Please check with your employer.

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